There has been a lot of “buzz” lately about “green building”.  There are many issues that come under the heading of environmentally conscious construction.  Even before the current focus placed upon being “green”, we have taken a conservative approach towards design and construction.

We begin each project by studying and analyzing site features; topography, solar orientation, and landscaping are all considered.  As the design begins, we efficiently plan rooms and spaces that maximize their potential uses.  Our designs often incorporate open plans that not only provide spaces with multiple uses; it allows views and vistas through the home.  The reduction of wasted space is the greatest contributor to reducing the environmental impact of the project.  There are varying degrees of “green” building materials.  We can assist in understanding the breadth of choices as well as the benefits and costs of these materials.  Our projects are designed with features such as; higher levels of insulation, energy-efficient windows, and low levels of air infiltration to reduce the energy required for heating and cooling.

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