Kind Words

“I guess from the very beginning I was a skeptic. Oh, I did not doubt that you could deliver a beautiful room. But I was not convinced that you could really deliver a room that looked like it had always been there, that looked as old as the rest of the house, and that fit in seamlessly.  I have seen enough additions in other old houses, and they always looked like additions. When I saw new windows, new doors, new floors coming in, I thought we would do the best we could to blend in the new with the old.

But I have seen the room; now I am a believer! I am amazed at how well the new room flows into the rest of the house, like it has always been here. The replication of the wood trim, the “old brick” fire place and built-ins, the faux-grain door that Harold did a masterful job on – it truly feels like a 1918 bungalow room.  Even using the old doors to the closet and powder room was the perfect touch.  We had a couple over the other night, and the old doors fooled them into thinking that area was part of the old house.  Especially at night with softer lighting, the room feels old.  I think it will take an expert eye to ever detect that it was not part of the original house.

I am a skeptic no longer.”

Nancee & Joby S.


“Based upon our experience with the portico project, we were keenly aware of the benefit of a competent construction team. While we were hoping for a mild winter, that was certainly not the case. We are sincerely grateful for the efforts of the entire team to reduce the impact of the winter storm upon the schedule. 

“When we sit back and look around at the new space, we see every detail that was meticulously thought out. A gaze into each and every corner reveals just how much time and effort was spent. The end result is pure perfection.” 

Jeffrey & Jane E.


When we first met with the team we were about to give up on the plans we had for our dream kitchen.  We had been working with an architect for over a year on a design for a kitchen addition that also included major renovations to our existing home.  We soon realized that the design we had been working on for so long could never be built within our budget.  It all seemed hopeless.  

We met with the builder to see if he could salvage our plans.  He explained to us that the design was flawed because it tried to meet all of our wishes and was unrealistic from a construction and budgetary point of view.  He also explained how his team could design and build what we needed with the goal of phasing in future projects while staying within our budget.  Our enthusiasm for the whole project was restored.  

The team created new plans which realistically met our expectations and needs. The process of working with them and everyone else was energizing and pleasant.  Their crew became part of the family.  Any issues along the way were dealt with fairly and professionally.  The end result exceeded our expectations.  The addition and renovated spaces look beautiful and most importantly to us, everything was designed and built to compliment the original character of our home.  We could not be happier.”

 – Chris & Lynne M.


“Our kitchen addition updated the functionality and space of our house.  We traded our under-utilized side porch for an expanded kitchen that fits our lifestyle of hospitality.  We love the functionality of the kitchen, but we believe that the success of the project lies in its details.  The project team worked hard to match the integrity and style of our home.  The unification of the kitchen space between the old kitchen and the porch was facilitated by the inset structural beam.  The back door brackets were meticulously sculpted in the style of the original porch brackets.  The trim and doors are consistent with the original.  And a bookshelf was created in the decommissioned doorway which included the preservation and backlighting of the stained glass in the transom.  In addition to appreciating the care and attention that is evident in the design and construction, we enjoyed working with this team.”

– Nancy B.


We had lived in our house for 7 years when we began to wonder if this was the house we wanted to stay in forever.  We started to consider if we should move or, could we stay in the house we loved, on a great street, where our kids are happy – and just improve what we already had going for us.  We looked at many, many houses for sale, nothing was quite right.  Then we met with the architect and the builder and finally – we had a plan we loved and one that would make this house our forever home.  Our dining room, laundry, and mudroom addition are fantastic and it seems like it has always been part of this house.  Now that construction is over, the dust is cleared and this “new home” becomes “our home” – we love what we see and are very happy we decided to stay.

-Mark & Julie D.


“Joe is a rare talent in the world of Residential Architecture – his plans are clear, concise and detailed; His vision is thorough and well thought out.  He is an architect without the stereotypical ego and it shows in the way he listens to his clients. From the perspective of a contractor, it is most refreshing to work with an Architect that is open to ideas, is familiar with construction techniques and is eager to participate in the process.  From the perspective of a client, his renderings are priceless and his response to questions and comments is quick and well thought out.  I have worked with many Architects, and Joseph Augustine, Architect comes with my highest recommendation – without hesitation.”

 – Joe Schwartz, J. Schwartz LLC


“Joe is a true architect, passionate about great design and visual appeal.  He has very high integrity and will inspire a very creative design process.”

 – Gregory Harth, Harth Builders


“We have worked with Joe on several construction projects over the years.  Not only is Joe a good Architect, he has a knowledge of construction.  This allows him to provide a level of understanding that will ultimately save money and time on a project.”

 – Mitch Handman, R.C. Legnini


“Being an Electrical Contractor we see a lot of plans from a lot of Architects.  Joe Augustine has the full package- He works very well with the client, has great design and space planning skills, he is very thorough, and excellent communications skills.” 

Wes Carver, Wes Carver Electrical Contracting

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